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Hip Hop Hoodios Release New Album
3/17/05 - news


Hip Hop Hoodios picture

Latino-Jewish Urban Music Collective Is Set to Release Full Length Debut Album “Agua Pa’ La Gente” (Jazzheads Records) Nationally on March 29th; Album Already Available for Internet CD Orders at and   The Follow-Up To 2002’s Self-Released “Raza Hoodia” EP, “Agua Pa’ La Gente” Features Guest Appearances from Leading Latin &

Jewish Music Acts, Including Members of Santana, Jaguares, The Klezmatics, Los Abandoned, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Midnight Minyan, and Orixa.

Following their recent standing room-only NYC concert and praise from a variety of publications, Latino-Jewish collective Hip Hop Hoodios (“hoodio” is a twist on the word “judio” – Spanish for “Jew”) is gearing up for the March 29th release of their full length debut album Agua Pa’ La Gente (Jazzheads Records). Hip Hop Hoodios is an allstar Latino-Jewish urban music collective led by Abraham Velez and Josue Noriega that includes participation from members of such notable Latin & Jewish acts as Santana, Jaguares, The Klezmatics, Orixa, Los Mocosos, Midnight Minyan, and Los Abandoned.

The LA/NY-based bicoastal band has signed to respected indie label Jazzheads Records for its forthcoming full length debut “Agua Pa’ La Gente.” The disc will be in stores nationally on March 29th, and is also for pre-order from and The new album represents the follow-up to Hip Hop Hoodíos’ acclaimed 2002 debut ‘Raza Hoodia’ EP, which sold 5000 copies as a self-released title. Understanding how difficult it is to break new artists in today’s saturated music market, Hip Hop Hoodíos and Jazzheads are backing up the new album with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that few other artists have the courage to make– any buyer who is not satisfied with the band’s music can return the disc for a full refund.

The new album is highlighted by lead-off track “Agua Pa’ La Gente”, a high-octane and socially-conscious Latin-alternative vamp. “1492” represents a growth in musical maturity for the band, as Hip Hop Hoodíos are joined by Frank London of The Klezmatics for a soul-jazz exploration of how the Spanish Inquisition resulted in millions of Latinos unknowingly having Jewish roots.

“Agua Pa’ La Gente” was produced by Happy Sanchez (Los Mocosos, Latin Soul Syndicate) and features appearances from members of some of Hip Hop Hoodios’ favorite bands, including Karl Perazzo (Santana), Frank London (The Klezmatics), Federico Fong (Jaguares), Tweety Gonzalez (Soda Stereo, Acida), Paul Shapiro (Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Midnight Minyan), Don Verde (Los Abandoned) and Juan Manuel Caipo (Orixa). “Agua Pa’ La Gente” features 12 spanking new tracks of Latino-Jewish madness, as well as remixes, seahorses, and lord knows what else.

Hip Hop Hoodios made their highly-successful European debut with headlining shows in France this past December, and will announce additional U.S. dates shortly. A video has been completed for the first single “Gorrito Cosmico”, and will begin airing on networks like MTV-Espanol, Mun2, and LATV in the coming months.

“On Hip Hop Hoodios’ new album [“Agua Pa’ La Gente”], cameos from members of Jaguares, Santana, and The Klezmatics help make the socially conscious anti-corporate playa-hating funnier than any Beastie Boys punchlines recently.” -VILLAGE VOICE

“While they remain the only band in their Latino-Jewish hiphop subgenre, Hip Hop Hoodios have taken a quantum leap with their first full length album ‘Agua Pa’ La Gente.’ In addition to the punk-inflected hip hop of their first EP ‘Raza Hoodia,’ they now incorporate funk, klezmer, soul-jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms.” -NY DAILY NEWS

“Latin alternative was already scrambling the definitions of musical categories, and Hip Hop Hoodios throw in humor and ethnicity for added confusion.” -NEW YORK TIMES

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