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Street Messenger "Capitan" debuts with Univision Records
7/23/05 - news / Univision Records press release


rapper Capitan picture

The official mission of Jose Herman Perez, known as the artist Capitan, is the conquest of the United States and Latin America with his peculiar hip hop sound, cheers and rap rhythm that has shaped his first record production with Univision Records: "Misión oficial". "Misión oficial" is a very authentic product as far as music and lyrics, although the hip hop beats have the hard sound of the streets, there's no doubt that it has a strong Latin influence.

The CD is on sale June 14th, 2005 in the U.S. Hip Hop is not only a very popular amongst the youth, but is also a way of life, of speaking, of dressing and a culture that rose in the impoverished areas not only of New York, but also of Los Angeles.

And it was in this setting, in the "Harbor City Projects" near the port of Los Angeles, where Capitan began to be "the messenger of the people of those aggressive and dangerous streets". Having lived more than a decade in this neighborhood, where there were Mexicans, Salvadorans, African-Americans, Guatemalans and other nationalities and where the drug, the gangs, the death, the graffitti and the carne asada were the daily thing, helped Capitan enormously, because many of the acquired experiences now are musicalized histories and part of "Misión oficial".

“Quiero ser el mejor, por eso trabajé mucho en este disco, pues no quería sólo la “rima seca” del hip-hop sino lograr ritmos alegres, bailables y un estilo muy honesto al rapear, porque rapear significa expresar tus pensamientos, tus sentimientos”, explained Capitán who from 1997 al 2000 belonged to the group "Resident Aliens”.

But not only the unique sounds make "Misión oficial" different, but the lyrics of the songs that Capitan interprets in a lived form, a form that the listener visualizes each one of these stories. Capitans new track "Ya Llego" written by Perez and Grace Ontaneda, also sung by the due with Capitan, explains the art of rapping and what rappers are, with strong but very real lyrics. The same happens with "Por Siempre" by Perez and Víctor M. Lopez, certainly a very personal song of Captain because it was dedicated it to all the Latins that they get at this country taking shorts, but that always are proud of their Latin roots and come out ahead. Its definitely a song of Latin pride. In order to complete the tren tracks, also from Pe'rez-Cruz is "Make Pop It" the only song totally in English, that is hip-pop, inviting women to move their tail in a flavorful and sexy form.  


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