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Daddy Yankee Blowing Up Overseas
6/23/05 - news / Halo press release


Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee’s Barrio Fino, the largest selling reggaeton recording in the United States and Puerto Rico, has just become one of Japan’s favorites, according to the prestigious Oricon list, a publication on the recording industry in this country.

In only two weeks after having been launched Barrio Fino in Japan, Daddy Yankee was ranked at number 27 and this week has jumped to the 23rd spot on the nation’s top list with his hit song "Gasolina".

Yankee also occupies the ninth spot in the international list, surpassing famous artists such as Mariah Carey. Daddy Yankee is the second best liked non-American or non-Japanese artist, according to Universal Music, distributor for "Barrio Fino."
Yankee has managed to place his music among the people’s favorites. In fact, "Gasolina" is the number one song placed on Zip-FM 77.8, the top FM station at Nagoya, one of the most important markets for the promotion of international artists’ recordings in Japan. During the summer, Yankee will undertake an extensive tour that will cover major cities in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

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