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Azteka Releases “Sueño Americano”
7/28/04 - news / Univision Records press release


rapper Aztek picture

Univision Records presents Azteka, the most recent release in the emerging and successful Urban Regional genre.


An East Los Angeles native raised in the “West Side" Azteka unleashes his "Sueño Americano" (American Dream), a complete musical chronicle depicting by way of Urban Corridos, personal anecdotes, an open criticism to social injustice and the Latino immigrant experience in the U.S.

Comprised of 10 tracks, all penned by Azteka himself, “Sueño Americano” is an album that takes its inspiration from the very heart of the streets and the hood, and the less fortunate Latin immigrants of our community.  The same people that upon arrival to the ‘Promised Land” are disenchanted with the social reality that surrounds them and the new economic prison that gives them a cold welcome to the fictitious world of the “American Dream.”

"Sueño Americano" is an album full of every-day-life stories and a collection of confessions that gather the deepest emotions of a tormented soul that was able to convert his rage and hate into hope and optimism. Azteka also knows how to have fun, and as every good Hip Hop artist he’s an expert in the party scene and in the art of female seduction, evidenced in tracks like “Disfrutando” (Livin’ It), a provocative and sensual track; the first promotional cut “Mexicano Por Fortuna” (Lucky To Be Mexican) and “El Movimiento” (The Movement).



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