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Flakiss helps push Urban Regional Music
7/21/04 - news / Univision press release


Flakiss picture

Univision Records presents Flakiss, the first female artist of the West coast Urban Regional movement and her debut album “Libérate” (Free Yourself), which undoubtedly makes her the undisputable queen of the emerging Latin Hip Hop genre in the U.S. Young, Latin and urban, Flakiss is the female reaction to Latin Hip Hop sensation Akwid. For Flakiss the message is loud and clear: Women can get a good education and be self-sufficient.

In fact, now days there are women head of households, who are taking charge of their families and are economically empowered.   In other words, in Flakiss’ world, times have undoubtedly changed, “that’s all I’m trying to say; that things don’t have to be a certain way only because they’ve been that way all along.”
Originally from Sacramento, California, Flakiss is Univision Records’ most recent release in the emerging Urban Regional music genre, making her the first female voice in the movement that fuses the rhythms of traditional Regional Mexican music with the decadent sound of the urban rap of a Hip Hop-infused generation.

"Libérate" (Free Yourself) reflects the life Flakiss has lived and in it projects a voice that advocates for women’s rights. Her album is in full solidarity with all the women of the world that have been abused physically, verbally and mentally by the innate machismo embedded in our global culture. The album, comprised of 10 tracks and two added bonus tracks, is a very personal one, whose main purpose is to transmit to all women a message of empowerment.

With rhythms that fluctuate between Cumbia Rap in “Ya No Se Que Hacer” and the melancholic lament of the Norteño Ballad in “Amor En Silencio”, Flakiss presents a cornucopia of versatility in the lyrics of her album.


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