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Jae-P strikes Latin Gold
7/21/04 - news / Univision press release

rapper Jae-P picture

It is a known fact that with limited radio airplay the Urban Regional music genre has become a force to be reckoned with in the Latin music industry.


This is evidenced by the Latin Gold Album Jae-P received last month for sales of over 100,000 units in the U.S. of his debut album ďNi De Aqui Ni De Alla" with Univision Records.

In a ceremony held on Thursday, June 24 at the 2nd Year Anniversary of music video television show Mex 2 The Max in West Los Angeles, the young performer was pleasantly surprised by TV host and producer Patricia Lopez following his performance alongside Hip Hop label mates Flakiss, Mexiclan, and David Rolas.

Immediately after the medley presentation he performed, Lopez called Univision Recordsí executives to the stage to present the Latin Gold Album. Cheered by hundreds of fans in the studio, his family and fellow artists, Jae-P received the plaque with humility and grace, two of his defining character traits. He thanked everyone for their unconditional support and for believing in a genre that while itís in its emerging stage, it has already reaped many major feats along the way and thousands of fans in the domestic front as well as in international markets.

"I really didn't expect this at all. This was a very cool surprise because it motivates me and makes me want to continue making music and working harder. It was great to have my mom, dad and family there with me, I know theyíre proud. Urban Regional music is not a phase, itís here to stay and Iím proud to be a part of it,Ē stated Jae-P.



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