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Crooked Stilo on the Come Up
7/14/04 - news / Fonovisa press release

Crooked Stilo

The Los Angeles by way of El Salvador brothers that make up Crooked Stilo create a fusion of the hip-hop genre that goes beyond novel trends and that has everything to do with their cultural upbringing.


On their debut album “Puro Scandalo”, the group offers a high dose of rhythms, sensuality and pleasure.

The duo have fused their musical origins of hip-hop to Latin music influences resulting in a concoction of cumbia, salsa, merengue, sonidero rhythms with that of modern rap and hip-hop in Spanish. Lyrically the group voices their identity, both ethnic and personal, in a ‘sensually scandalous’ album.

Tracks such as “Acepto Mi Derrota”, “Mis Colegialas”, “Bonita y Mentirosa” and “No Soy De Una Sola Mujer” are prime examples of the groups’ musical prowess. In addition the album features special guests renowned urban regional group Akwid on the track “Es Un Escandalo.” Lastly, the album includes English language versions of the tracks “Ya Lo Saben“ and Chicas del Reventon.“

Already climbing the music charts, the first single titled “Ya Los Saben” is a cumbia-ridden provocative track that features a ‘sampling’ of a popular tropical song ‘La Boa.’ The video of the single features a very special cameo appearance by Jorge Hernandez leader of Norteño music icons Los Tigres del Norte who embraces the new generation and the convergence of music genres in the United States.


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