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Mexiclan Prepare Follow-Up Album
2/23/05 - Music press release


Mexiclan picture

The emerging Latin music movement that fuses Hip Hop with Regional Mexican beats continues on the rise, and to keep the momentum going, Univision Records is pleased to present MEXICLAN, a duo comprised of a gifted "Norteno" vocalist and a hard core urban rapper.

As the Urban Regional movement continues its steadfast and unprecedented growth in the Latin

music industry, Sem Vargas and Marco Antonio Munoz (better known as Leon and MOCS, respectively) begin their journey by releasing their self-titled debut album "MEXICLAN" with Univision Records.

As is characteristic of the genre, the album showcases a fusion of Norteno music with Hip Hop. "MEXICLAN" is comprised of 11 tracks that range from traditional Norteno as is evidenced in "Me Siento Bien" (I Feel Good), to the untarnished bilingual Hip Hop that defines them, and which is brilliantly brought to life in their first promotional track "Stupid & Creido" (Stupid & Conceited). "Stupid & Creido," performed impressively by MOCS' bilingual prowess, is 100% Hip Hop with a Norteno beat as the basic premise, giving shape and form to the accordion rhythms cleverly juxtaposed with the unmistakable and fine voice of Leon.

Nevertheless, MEXICLAN incorporates in a consistent and relentless manner the basic sounds of Norteno music with the use of the accordion, the six-string guitar, the trumpet and the electric guitar; imposing the energy, strength and progressive poetry of Rap and the unmistakable beats of Hip Hop as the background and backbone of a colorful canvas of decadent and hallucinating rhythms that once combined, make perfect sense.

Sem Vargas (Leon) began singing in public at the age of six in the Christian church where his father was a pastor. Along with his family in the choir, he learned how to sing and play several instruments, such as the six-string guitar, the keyboard and the guitar. At 21, Sem began to sing with a Norteno group called Los Chavalos Del Norte, which was under Abel A. De Luna Jr.'s record label Costarola Music. In December 2002, Sem won first prize (a 2003 automobile) in a local television program where he competed against more than 500 contestants.

On the other hand, Marco Antonio Munoz (MOCS) became familiar with Mexican music while listening to his father, Marco Antonio Munoz Sr., who sang and played in a local band. During the 80's, his father was part of several music groups in the Los Angeles area and it was during this time that MOCS began to understand and appreciate his musical roots, while at the same time living a torrid romance with Hip Hop music. At the age of 16 he began his adventure as a writer and arranger of Rap songs in English and Spanish, and in 6 years has managed to write over 50 songs.

Without a doubt, MEXICLAN introduces an alternative and different music style within the Urban Regional movement, given that unlike other artists in the genre, the duo actually has a trained vocalist, and their music comes in a fully bilingual format, proving once again that the fusion of cultures and music rhythms can also reach the linguistic intricacies of the new American dialect better known as 'Spanglish.' MEXICLAN is by far the newest voice of two cultures, two languages and one lifestyle.


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