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Latino Urban Business Spotlight: Airmagination
12/8/04 - news



Airmagination is a New York based art company that specializes in airbrushing, airbrush shirts, computer graphics, murals, oil painting and other mediums.


Their work is inspired by the people, culture and life experiences of New York City, with much of it showcased in music videos for Jay-Z, Nas, Outkast, and Ja Rule, as well as publications such as Vibe, The Source, and Entertainment Weekly. In 2004,

Airmagination was selected by Timberland to have their custom shoes become a part of the Community Builders tour in major U.S. cities. Ray Sierra, Rob Vargas and Louis Burgos started Airmagination ten years ago with the goal of teaching young artists how to market their talents to the fullest potential.

Since then, they've added new artists/partners to the company such as Angel Gonzales, Kelvis Polanco and Aneudy Hernandez. Airmagination's doors are always open to the children of New York interested in developing their artistic abilities, because they feel strongly that its the people and the day-to-day activities in their neighborhoods that fuels their imaginations, and allows them to create their art in the first place.

Their airbrush shirts have been worn by artists such as Big Pun, Eightball & MJG, Ciara, and can be seen in videos worn by artists Nas (One mic), Fabolous (I can't Deny It, Holla Back Youngin) Jay-Z (Song Cry, MTV Unplugged), and many others.

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