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Not So Anonymous
12/23/04 - news


New Jersey Rapper Anonymous

In September we ran a featured interview with New Jersey underground artist Anonymous. The Cubano released the album "Santa Barbara", and within three months has already moved 30,000 units.

LR spoke with Anonymous about his achievement, he explained that he told his fans he would sell 100,000 copies and that he's on track to do that by July of 2005.

Good independent sales usually equate to notice from the majors, when asked whether or not he'd consider signing to a bigger label, Anonymous stated that he'd only sign with Dame Dash.

"He's in my area all the time. He's been seeing the movement, the street team vans, and the fans." states Anonymous. "I respect him and whole Roc4life, Rocafella family. I really don't trust any other execs in this grimey game. This game is truly dog eat dog!"

When asked what we can expect from Anonymous on 2005, he mentioned his radio promo tour until April 2005, after that putting the finishing touches on 2005's release "Millenium Rapper". He listed future collaborations with artists like Chino Xl, Camron, Saigon, Idris Elba, Stimuli and Mick Luter. Future plans also include taking Anonymouscorp Public, Anonymous looks to acquire 500 shareholders to buy shares of stock in the company before seeking a listing of it on Nasdaq. His hope is to be the first rapper publicly traded on Wall Street.



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