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Noches de Hip Hop Compilation Released
12/10/05 - news / Vesper press release


noches de latin hip hop

As the Latin Hip-Hop and its offshoot Reggaeton continue to break out of urban markets across the country at a blistering pace, the hybrids are quickly reaching phenomenon status, earning critical acclaim and consistently landing chart busting hits and platinum sales. Bringing together Latin music’s best underground artists with iconic performers, Immergent Records releases Latin Hip-Hop Nights (Noches De Hip-Hop) today.

A collection of 15 acts from around the globe that embody the vast nature and appeal of the movement. “Noches De Hip-Hop” (Latin Hip-Hop Nights) showcases cutting edge artists from not only the United States and Puerto Rico,

but England and Spain as well, all who are rapidly gaining international acclaim. Alongside these upstarts are old school legends, many of whom first ushered Latin hip-hop culture to the mainstream over a decade ago.

The album features a number of artists on the rise or at the height of their careers, such as Reggaeton’s Bimbo, who was featured recently in Billboard magazine and has collaborated extensively with renowned recording artists such as Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Marc Anthony, India and the late Celia Cruz. Rising star Malverde just inked a major recording contract and will be releasing his highly anticipated album early next year. Southern California’s Crooked Stilo, whose musical origins from El Salvador, Central America, have earned widespread popularity not only in the U.S. but in Spain as well, showcase their unique brand of Hip-Hop tinged with cumbia, tropical and Reggaeton sounds. And Midwest-based Hip-Hop group Kinto Sol, have carved out a niche for themselves in the underground market by taking Latin Hip-Hop back to the beginning.

Established recording artists such as Son Doobie (front man for Funkdoobiest), Kemo the Blaxican (former member of the Delinquent Habits), and Mellow Man Ace round up this incredible compilation. Their exceptional performances combine elements of the original Latin “La Raza” movement that began in the late 1980s with today’s rhythms, grooves and electrifying spirit.

This special edition album includes a bonus DVD that includes four videos, exclusive artist interviews, a photo gallery and more.

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