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Wu-Tang Latino Releases New Video
12/10/05 - news

Los Yoyais

As WU-LATINO prepares it's first official release, label president Rayroq Acosta teams up with Honda motors to debut a cinematic music video for the new single, "Mamita Ven", starring Los Yo Yais who will be featured in the up coming "Revolucion Tour" and ' Cuervoton Tour" starting in early 2006.

On the heels of his success as VP of Musica Latina & Marketing at Urban Box Office, Rayroq makes a big splash with the music video which will be the first time

an American corporation fully sponsors a reggaeton music video. Directed by Edwin Decena, "Mamita Ven", is a romantic tale that finds Los Yo Yais taking their boss's (Rayroq's) nieces for a day around the town. Ultimately, the girls become enchanted by Shown Black and NP Killa's charm and they prompt the guys to sneak off with them. Once Rayroq finds out that his nieces snuck out with Los Yo Yais, he calls on his goons to look for his nieces.

Featured in the video is the new line of 2006 Honda Civics. "It was a great experience working with Los Yo Yais, very humble and talented artist" said director Edwin Decena. "We've taken reggaeton to uncharted terroritory, by garnering corporate sponsorship, the genre will be afforded the same opportunities that have been available to American hip hop artist" said president Ray Acosta." It's something we are very proud of at Wu-tang Latino and it is a standard that we are looking to maintain...trailblazers in the genre."

Starring: Shown Black, NP Killa, Rayroq Acosta, The RZA, DJ Crème, Victoria "Chula" Santiago, Annette and Jennifer Pierre. The song will be featured in the debut release from WU-LATINO entitled "Quemando El Genero".


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