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Perrealo Launches Latin Hip Hop Comic Strip
12/10/05 - news

In a time when the Latino movement for equality in the United States is approaching a plateau that has not yet been reached, aims to take a step forward and develop a new creative edge in media. Having already launched two of the more notarized mediums of the Latin Hip Hop & Reggaeton Genres with a DVD Magazine & Online Community, now moves into a whole new arena with a brand new comic strip.

Perrealo’s Caserillo will be a first for Latin Hip Hop a comic strip with a broad approach on the life and times of this lifestyle. Caserillo which is slang Spanish term meaning Projects or Hood such as in the word Neighborhood. It will be a comic strip based on issues that arise within the Latin community be it in the Latin Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and R&B genres. Perrealo’s Caserillo will speak about race, Latin Hip-Hop culture. It will represent this genre as an art form of political critique in how we live our everyday lives. The first time this format has been approached and created for all to take a look into Latin Hip Hop in a more diverse and visual manner. hopes to tap into an audience of people who would not typically be interested in the lifestyle that is Latin Hip-Hop & Reggaeton. Caserillo combines two different music genres with a unique artistic method making this a successful endeavor from start to finish.

Hector “Heist” Alvarez from collaborated with David Heredia of and joined forces to develop the premier panel of the comic strip. This strip will be available twice a month and will always reflect the real and raw appeal of what Latin Hip Hop really is. Now Perrealo releases their latest strip featuring Hector El Father, making a controversial statement about the acceptance of Latinos in Hip Hop and the time it has taken for us to make it to where we are.



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