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DJ Mafioso of Atlanta Brings Mixtape Heat
8/25/04 - news


DJ Mafioso

Atlanta's DJ Mafioso continues to build a buzz with his latest offering, La Bodega Vol. Dos.


Volume 2 is a double CD filled with certified bangers, remixes and freestyles from a cast of talented Atlanta artists, as well as other MCs from New York to Puerto Rico.

Mafioso is already a familiar name throughout ATL, serving both as the official DJ to Binkis Recs and running his own production company, Needledrop Productions.

Volume 2 features tracks from MCs Rubix, Ekundayo, Phife Dawg and remixes of Timbaland and Missy Elliot tracks. Latin MCs include Siete Nueve of Puerto Rico, Profeta, Hector and Ozlo. When asked about the difference between La Bodega Vol. 1 and 2, Mafioso replies: "The second one features more original production, whereas Vol 1 was me actually mixing; just two turntables and what I was recording on, my Pro Tools."

Although Mafioso had some of his own beats on Volume 2, listeners can expect a lot more original production on the his latest release, a more hands-on mixtape. "I featured a lot more artists, and I had a lot more original beats and music," states Mafioso, "whereas La Bodega 1 was more like a demo for DJ Mafioso, 2 was more like a demo for all of Atlanta, from the graphic designers who did the cover, down to producers and MCs and singers."

Mafioso isn't touring with Binkis Recs at the moment as individual members are busy in the studio working on their respective solo projects and developing the follow up to the latest Binkis LP. Mafioso already has plans for the follow up of Volume Dos and other forthcoming projects.

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