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Latin Hip Hop Flick Begins Filming in L.A.
8/7/05 - news



Platinum Illusions movie

"Platinum Illusions" is being touted by its producers as the first Latin Hip Hop film of it's kind, the movie described as an exciting tale of strength and survival against impossible odds, filled with terror, humor and action.

The film began shooting August 1st in and around Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.


The movie stars Benny Ciaramello (War of the Worlds), Noel Gugliemi (Training Day) additional casting includes Sen Dog, RBX, Frost, and DJ Lady Tribe, with live performances by Lil Rob, Mr. Capone-e, Crooked I, Juan Gotti and Mr. Shadow.

Synopsis: This fast paced action packed hip-hop drama follows the story of Oscar Hernandez, a handsome Latino ex-gang member who turns his life around after the accidental death of both his parents. Left with the responsibility of raising his little brother he and his beautiful girlfriend set forth with the help of his crew to land a recording contract and make a name for himself in the cut-throat hip hop business.

The seductions of fast women, expensive cars, briefcases full of money, and the slow tainting of his family leads this top selling artist to discover that all that glitters is not gold. With his back against the wall Oscar is forced to confront the demons of his past and return to the life of violence he's sworn to stay away from. His integrity now on the line, he must choose the glamorous life of a star or to keep his family together.


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