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Flakiss of the West Coast Returns with Sophomore Album
4/8/05 - news / Univision press release



Flakiss picture

The rapper records her second album with Univision Records and returns more Latin and bilingual than ever. "Asi Soy" marks the awaited and successful return of Flakiss, the first female Spanish rapper on the West Coast This album marks her second album with Univision's label, which will go on sale in the U.S. June 2005.


Her first album "Libérate" put to Flakiss on the map of Latin Hip Hop in the U.S., and made her the first woman in a movement that not only received force but that is in favor of and continues to be dominated by male artists.

However, Flakiss imposed her style and position as the representative of the Latin woman in the emergent world of hip hop in Spanish and against all odds demonstrated her talent and desire to prevail in an unkown world where a single path was opened, thus it was.

"I feel very content and proud of being able to continue making what I like the most and to continue representing for my ladies.

Although the support of the radio continues to be small, the youth continue to request the music and while they continue requesting it I will continue recording. Hip hop in Spanish is here to stay. "Asi Soy" is going to provide much of what I speak and I am sure that my ladies and the fellas are going to like it", indicated Flakiss.

Made up of 10 hip hop tracks with a touch of 80's retro sound, "Asi Soy" presents a different proposal, fun and club friendly. Her thematic tour around her identity as a Chicana, as a Latina ni the U.S. and the life of a single Latin mother. The CD will come with an optional DVD package, which will include the music videos "It's Friday Night" and "Party y Mas Party", the first promotional single of the CD, a photo gallery and.

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