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LA Hitman Studio on the Forefront
4/1/05 - news


Producer LA Hitman has been in recording latin hip hop for years. He began his career with the first project "The Brown Side" later creating latin hip hop tracks like "Gangstas Don't Dance They LowRide". Many artist have recorded at LAHitman Studios including Frost, Don Cisco, Baby Bash, JV, DTTX , Nino B, Slow Pain, Dolly Gurl, Wicked Minds, Cuete, Perro, Lyrical Assassins, Blindo and many others.

LA Hitman believes that every client should get professional results and treats each project with a personal touch. Why does he do that?, he answers. "Over the last several years I never advertised in a paper, all my business has been word of mouth from satisfied artist. The way I look at it is if a client comes to me with a vision of how he wants his track to sound he usually leaves very satisfied and he will tell more people about the studio." Almost anything you can imagine can be created at LAHitman Studios.

LA Hitman believes that there is a new generation of people all around the world that are demanding new Latin Hip Hop artist of their own, and that this market has just begun to explode. He has a new client "Big Haz" an Aussie Latin Rapper who is in Melborn Australia . Big Haz is gonna put it down for the Brown Australian style over there. "This is the beginning of something new on the major record label distribution circuit like rock and disco was at one time, it's been a little slower to grow, but it's getting big." Latin Hip Hop is growing and as it does LAHitman Studios will be in the forefront of production turnin out the slammin Latin hip hop beats in this new era of Latin Hip Hop. 



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