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Enemigo Releases Caminando on Univision
4/1/05 - news / Univision press release



Enemigo rapper

In search of a new episode in his life that doesn’t replicate a moment already lived or experienced, Enemigo launches his second album and his debut with Univision Records titled “Caminando” (Walking). The album takes off in the U.S. and Puerto Rico on March 29, 2005.

His first album “¿Quién es Enemigo?” (Who Is Enemigo?) was widely successful and managed to independently sell more than 30,000 units in Puerto Rico and the Northeastern part of the United Sates.

The album is fittingly titled “Caminando,” because it refers to the different paths people take in life, and the different musical walks that have been crossed to offer a complete, versatile and unique album. Comprised of 19 tracks, all penned by Enemigo, the album stands out for its musical versatility, which varies from “high energy” club cuts, social awareness guerrilla-like tracks to smooth and tender songs inspired by love in all its facets.

The first promotional single is titled “Estrella” (Star), a song dedicated to Enemigo’s and all Latin men’s ideal woman; a woman that has a little bit of some of the hottest and boldest Latinas in Latin entertainment. Enemigo manages to capture the essence of Latinas in an idyllic woman that is truly out of this world.

Among some of the hottest and strongest tracks on the album is “Set It Off” featuring Petey Pablo, one of Hip-Hop’s most dynamic and well-known rappers in the general market. This is a 100% bilingual and club track made with all the energy and good vibe found in any dance club in the world. This song is also included in a Reggaeton Remix by Luny Tunes. Other up-tempo tracks worth mentioning include: “Todos En El Party” (Everyone In The Party), “Estilos Digitales” (Digital Styles), “We Don’t Stop,” featuring George Lamond, “Everybody Get Up,” as well as “Tu No Matas” produced by Reggaeton super-producer DJ Nelson.”

But not everything is about partying and good times for Enemigo. The album also explores heavy, intelligent and substance-filled subjects where Enemigo doesn’t think twice to talk about what his eyes have seen and what his heart has lived while growing up in the tough streets of his Bronx neighborhood. Among the songs that comprise the main course of the album are the title track “Caminando” (Walking), “Retratos” (Pictures), and “Enemigo Del Estado” (Enemy of the State), which talks about payola, favoritism and the divide that exists between Puerto Rican and New York rappers. Without a doubt, “Caminando” is intelligent music for open-minded and thinking individuals.

Born twenty-something years ago in New York City, and raised in Puerto Rico, the enigmatic and talented artist now resides in the Bronx. With an intense nature, wisdom beyond his years and a strong desire to succeed, it’s clear to see that good looks and charisma aren’t the only things Enemigo inherited from his father. Loyalty and conviction are also blood-borne. These very qualities-- and a gift of rhyme and rhetoric-- make him one of the most talked about emerging Latin rappers of the new millennium. It is no wonder that People En Español magazine voted him the Latin rapper to watch in 2004.


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