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Boxer Oscar De La Hoya to release rap album
4/1/04 - news


Following in the footsteps of Roy Jones, Jr, boxer Oscar De La Hoya has announced that he will begin production this year of his first rap album. "People know me as Oscar the warrior when I'm in the ring, and for my singing outside of the ring", stated Oscar, who plans on rapping under his real name, "but they forget that at heart I'm still that kid from East L.A."

Oscar's debut album, tentatively titled "King Midas" is slated for a Feb. 2005 release date. Oscar has already approached several accomplished producers for beats, and began recording in Chipotle Studios in L.A. with material that he has been writing for several months. "I've already started doing the vocals for my first single, Abuela Said Knock You Out. Its sort of a take off on the LL Cool J track, except we have Los Tigres del Norte singing the chorus, its really a best of both worlds sort of thing for fans of both rap and Tejano music"

When asked if guest rappers would include other fighters, De La Hoya replied, "I've been talking to a few guys whose careers I support, but the biggest move would be getting Felix Trinidad to do a guest appearance. If we can't meet for a second time in the ring, I said hey, let's get Tito in the studio and duke it out on wax. Tito speaks Spanish, though, so I met with him and kind of batted around the idea of doing an all-Spanish reggaeton song, something to really help me grab more East coast listeners for the album"

De La Hoya made the announcements for his new album at his official press conference in the MGM Grand Casino on April 1st, also known as April Fool's Day.

*the De La Hoya article is purely satirical and parody, it is a fictional work used for April Fools Day.



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