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Indie Film by Son of Edward James Olmos
8/7/07 - news

Splinter movie picture

The most controversial independent film of the summer, Splinter, directed my Michael D. Olmos premieres August 17 at selected theatres and is presented by Dark Horse Indie and Image Entertainment.

Only a few theatres in Los Angeles approved playing the film due to its graphic content. In reality, the film creates a realistic storyline of gang life and police corruption in Los Angeles.

Splinter follows two gang affiliated brothers, Dreamer (Enrique Almeida) and Dusty (Noel Gugliemi) through murder, revenge and betrayal in the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Dreamer seeks revenge for the mysterious murder of their older brother Shaggy (Billy Garcia), but suffers from memory loss after a bullet wound that injured his head during the same street battle. Rookie cop Detective Graham (Resmine Atis) and the corrupt veteran Detective Cunningham (Tom Sizemore) follow the murder case to solve the mystery and try to prevent an all out gang war with minimal support from Captain Garcia (Edward James Olmos), only to discover whom among them is responsible for the chaos in the streets.

Selected theatres include: MANN Theatres, 7876 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, CA, AMC Ontario Mills 30, 4549 Mills Circle, Ontario, CA, AMC Covina, 1414 N. Azusa Ave., Covina, CA.

As the son of acclaimed actor Edward James Olmos, Michael is becoming an accomplished filmmaker in his own right.He graduated from Columbia University in New York and worked on countless movies, many along side his father Edward and mentor Robert M. Young. He is also co-founder of Chamber Six Productions, LLC, an independent film production and comic book publishing company founded in 2005.


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