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Costa Rican Artist "Paco" Debuts Single "Maria!"
2/16/07 - news / Street Tropical press release

rapper Paco

On Monday, February 16, 2007 the video for Paco's single Maria! will air on the International Music Feed's (IMF) show, Bridge Latin America.

The show, targeting the fastest growing demographic and musical genre, is well known for bridging culture, music, and continents, by recognizing diverse cultures and uncovering the best music from Latin America and Spain, as well as Spanish-language artists from all over the world.

Paco will be the first artist featured from Costa Rica on the network. "I love the videos, music and range of artists they showcase on IMF. It's a real chance to see and hear great music from all over the world. It is such an honor for my country to be on Bridge and I am humbled to be the artist to represent for Costa Rica."

Maria! is one of four videos that PACO has shot for his album, Urbano, Latinoamericano. Produced and shot entirely in Costa Rica, with local talent and crew, the video could not be a more complete showcase of Costa Rica's rich and beautiful cultural, musical and panoramic resources. The video will air during Bridge Latin America's regular air times, 11am, 3pm and 7pm EST. Please check with your local cable provider for channel information.

PACO, a multi-talented artist from Costa Rica, released his first album in 1996 as a founding member of the group, Ragga by Roots. Both as a member of the group and as a solo artist, PACO has performed in front of crowds numbering more than 50,000, breaking records for CD sales, ticket sales and awards in Costa Rica. His first solo album, Zafra marga obtained the #1 position on the Costa Rican charts. PACO is releasing his critically acclaimed album, Urbano, Latinoamericano, independently. The album features songs from a broad spectrum within the genre of urban Latino music, including reggaeton, hip hop and alternative themes.


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