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Orishas Present their New CD "Antidiótico"
5/22/07 - news / Universal press release

Orishas CD

More than a music group, Orishas are an institution. In Cuba, where they are considered national heroes, and in Europe where they continue their fusion of "Son" and Hip Hop, and in all of America, where they are undoubtedly known as pioneers of the rhythms that, in the last decade, have given a Latin accent to street credibility.

For this, and because their work is an unending spring of inspiration and talent, the "Best Of" compilation of their career is one of the most anticipated of 2007. Accompanied by remixed tracks and new ones, including "Represent" featuring Heather Headly, originally from the movie "Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights", and the other "Quien te dijo" with a cameo from Cuban rapper Pitbull.
Other tracks include “Silencio”, “Una Página” and “537 C.U.B.A”. From the time they surprised the world with "A lo Cubano", Roldán, Ruzzo and Yotuel haven't stopped knocking down walls, with over 750,000 album copies sold in Europe, twice-nominated for a Grammy, last in 2006 for their extraordinarty "el Kil" and winning in the Latin Grammies for for "Emigrante". And so, the reunion of their hits in one CD titled "Antidiótico” is also available with a special edition included in their second CD with exclusive collaborations with Kalliah of French, Portuguese artists Da Weasel and the legendary Beny Moré (RIP), also with remixes “1999”. 



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