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New Omar Cruz Mixtape 2007 B.C.
3/2/07 - news / Geffen Press release

Omar Cruz album

Following up on a blazing 2006, and the Scratch Magazine-endorsed mixtape The Cruzifixtion, Los Angeles' lyrical assassin Omar Cruz licks off another shot with 2007 B.C. (Before Cruz). Hosted by DJ Skee and DJ Big Mike, 2007 fans the flames for Cruz's forthcoming debut record on Interscope/Geffen, Sign of the Cruz.

"2007 includes some of the classic joints that the streets been asking for, as well as a bunch of exclusive songs," Cruz notes. "It's going to be an understandable segue into my first album. Everything before now was the era before me; it's time I stake my place in the game."

And Cruz is passionate for the game, not merely consumed with his own shine: "People are forgetting the whole purpose of this rap thing. For me, it's about making a name for not only myself, but also Latinos. The 2007 title and cover art reference holy war-- all the beefing and bickering that's going on right now. I'm trying to break stereotypes and put good music out there. One of the reasons album sales are down is that people are making records with only a few singles, and the rest is garbage. And fans are supporting the garbage!"

Dead set against this trend, 2007 sets off right with lead single "Vatos Locos," Other burners include "Armed Robbers" alongside Big Pun, West Coast anthem "Just When" with co-conspirators The Game and 2Pac, and the unforgiving "Gun Talk." As much substance as style however, Cruz offers more than a couple of high-profile guest

appearances: "B.Y.I. Entertainment's Music Producer "Rome" and I are actually introducing a new sound in the game, which I'm excited about. It's a vintage Latino soul sound: heavy organs, heavy horns. This is soul street music unlike any other. The tape goes hard for over 20 songs, and with DJ Skee and DJ Big Mike as the hosts, we feel like we have the best from the West and the East."

Among those 20-plus songs is a freestyle by LA emcee, who won a contest via Omar Cruz's myspace page searching for the hottest 16 spit by a Latin rapper. Despite eventually choosing an LA cat to appear, Cruz was impressed by the scope of the submissions: "The love was from all over: from Canada to New Orleans to Mississippi to Chicago. MySpace is a great way to get feedback and find out what's hot. Also, you can create buzz without needing the machine behind you."

Omar Cruz is part throwback, part firebrand. He laments that making an album is a "lost art in the game," and that each should "should stand alone as a moment in time, as a piece of art." He also promises that despite the effort invested into each of his mixtapes, his debut album expected later this year will take things to another level entirely. Fighting words.

Look out for Omar Cruz on the Cuervoton tour this summer.


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