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Mixtape Awards Pop Culture at the 2nd Annual Latin Urban Mix

12/5/06 - news / Ed Rosa press release


Latin Urban Mixx picture

After an astounding and satisfying turnout at last year’s Latin Urban Mix debut, the Creative Media Group is dotting its i’s and crossing its T’s in preparation for this year’s (2007) much-anticipated one-day affair. DJs, musicians, fashion designers, photographers, entrepreneurs and artists (in all sense of the word) will converge in this given amenity while simultaneously highlighting their individual art.

The appropriately-named Latin Urban Mix calls for the opportunity to demonstrate how influential the Latin market has been to mainstream by ‘mixing’ five key elements of popular culture and entertainment: art, fashion, music, media and entrepreneurship. In addition, the Mix establishes a relevant opening for the artists to assist each other and collaborate in their future endeavors (a graphics artist designing a DJ’s album cover, a fashion designer donating clothes to a musician, a photographer shooting a model’s portfolio). A clear advantage for everyone attending, the occasion, originally created by Creative Media Group CEO Kevin “Pills” Montano, also opens the door for many newcomers to become acquainted with the world’s most exciting, yet demanding, market.

Last year’s Mix awarded and recognized well-accomplished DJs Camilo, Tony Touch, Kazzanova, Prostyle and Sama for their success in bringing Latino music, primarily reggaeton, to the forefront and, consequently, having the genre accepted into music mainstream. Latin Urban Mix 2007 will award the mixtape DJs for giving the opportunity to artists to have their music heard. The street is where it all starts, so why not recognize those who continuously feed them with new sounds. Anyone can vote for their favorites at.

With over 450 associates from LA, Chicago, Louisiana, Boston, Miami, New York, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, heavy-duty sponsors Hennesy and Sony BMG and internationally-known artists, producers and DJs (Magic Juan, Boy Wonder, Voltio, Tego Calderon) at last year’s Mix, this year’s event is expected to ring in twice as many hungry industry majors and minors. Expected DJs to attend include Hot 97’s Enuff and Camilo, La Mega’s Lobo, La Kalle’s Precise, Kazzanova, Spin One and Prostyle, Tony Touch, mixtape DJ Willie, DJ Creme and mun2’s Frankie Needles.

The Mix’s 2007 itinerary includes an art exhibition, an urban sneaker display, an artist listening lounge, an entrepreneur and DJ panel and a fashion show, all leading up to the Mixtape Awards recognition dinner, held as the closing event during evening hours. An after party, spot to be determined, will follow.

The Latin Urban Mix 2007 will be held on March 10, 2007 at the widely-recognized Albion Hotel in the heart of South Beach, Miami’s Art Deco district. The Creative Media Group, led by Kevin Montano, strives to provide strong relationships between all aspects of the urban market nationwide. Through various methods of promotion, marketing and management, it works to emphasize the abilities and success of Latino culture, whether it’s in music, art, fashion or business.



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