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Kinto Sol Presents "En un Bar" and "Somos Mexicanos"
9/29/10 - news


Kinto Sol Somos Mexicanos

DJ Payback, El Chivo and Skribe collectively known in the Latin hip-hop genre as KINTO SOL have returned stronger than ever.


Today, the three Mexican brothers from Milwaukee, Wisconsin present “En Un Bar” and “Somos Mexicano”, the dual singles from their new album “El Ultimo Suspiro” which will be released in stores and online on October 19 under Machete Music.

“El Ultimo Suspiro” (The Last Breath) will be the seventh Studio album by the Garcia brother who in their 12 year career have become one of the most powerful and critically acclaimed groups in the Latin hip-hop genre. There music has become a symbol for Mexican pride and union and their incredible resume includes five gold albums and a Latin Billboard award for “Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album” in 2007.

This is the first time that the group releases two singles simultaneously and the two songs demonstrate just how versatile Kinto Sol’s lyrics are. “En Un Bar” visits the pain of heartbreak and disillusionment while “Somos Mexicanos” looks to become an anthem not only for the “kintosoldados” (Kinto Sol’s loyal fanbase) but also a celebration for Mexican independence. It is a song that returns to the roots and essence of Kinto Sol.

“The motivating factors venid this album have been the same ones that have always motivated us. We live in the same world under the same circumstances and the same reality,” commented Manuel “Skribe” Garcia regarding the new release. “Like always, Kinto Sol dedicates our music to our people and to our KintoSoldados who have always been the motor of our inspiration.”

“En Un Bar” and “Somos Mexicanos” are available now for digital download. The music videos for both songs will be released in the upcoming weeks.

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