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Kemo the Blaxican Drops New Album "Not So Rich & Famous"
5/22/07 - news


Kemo the Blaxican album

After 15 Years and four albums with Latin Hip-Hop Pioneers Delinquent Habits, Kemo The Blaxican, the Bilingual MC, returns with his strongest and most musically ambitious work to date. The second solo album from Latin hip hop legend Kemo The Blaxican, ‘Not So Rich & Famous’, follows the success of Kemo’s 2005’s ‘Simple Plan’, whose single “La Receta” was included in multiple films and landed videoplay on MTV, Mun2, and LATV.

The Latin hip hop legends new album includes the track “5th of May” (featuring Tetsuya Nakamura of War on Harmonica), as well as the Anthemic “LCL (Left Coast Latinos)” and the Lyrically-Charged Opener “You Know”.

Two years after the release of his solo debut ‘Simple Plan’, Kemo the Blaxican has stepped up the game with his strongest and most musically-ambitious album to date, the self-produced ‘Not So Rich & Famous.’ The conscious bilingual rapper means business, as evidenced by the opening refrain on the powerful first track “You Know”: “Sixteen bars, three verses – forty eight in all, delivered with a purpose.” Influenced as much by the west coast funk and soul icons he grew up listening to as by hip-hop, Kemo the Blaxican is joined by Tetsuya “Weeping Willow” Nakamura (harmonica player for the legendary War) on “5th of May”; the track is a groove-heavy indictment of urban commercial radio, which has traditionally neglected Latino hip-hop artists except on Cinco de Mayo, “the day they spin some brown.”

As Delinquent Habits’ only Spanish-fluent MC, Kemo spent twelve years with the group, releasing four albums and taking the Delinquent sound beyond borders and around the world. In 1996 the group struck gold with their very first single "Tres Delinquentes", a song that masterfully fused a traditional mariachi sound (courtesy of Herb Alpert's "Lonely Bull") with the raw hip-hop backdrop of the streets.

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