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Mexican-American Filmmaker Directs Controversial DVD
11/18/10 - news


Thuggin It and Lovin It

Rapper and hip hop video director Joe Mexican has the urban music industry abuzz as the result of a controversial new DVD released this month.


Titled "Thuggin It and Lovin It 2", the DVD offers a raw and gritty look at street life and music in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The film provides an uncensored view into the city which boasts the sixth-highest murder rate in America, a short drive away from the country's murder capital.


The DVD features scenes involving guns, implied drug use, nudity and obscene language.  Much of the DVD serves to promote local music artists, and contains a variety of hip hop videos.  While the DVD's insert sports a disclaimer that all participants in the filming are simply acting, Thuggin It has attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies in several states.


Thuggin It and Lovin It Part 2 was produced by Millionaire Entertainment, a Louisiana-based record label.  The film and included music videos were shot entirely by Hispanic rapper and director Joe Mexican, owner of Loud Pro Media.  The film took roughly a year to shoot, and almost three months to edit.


With over 15 years as a rapper and producer, and 10 years working in the movie industry, Joe Mexican earned a name for himself while directing several dozen rap videos.  The director spoke to about the new DVD, while emphasizing that the film mostly provides local music artists the opportunity to promote themselves worldwide. 


While Joe Mexican acknowledges that the DVD is controversial with activity that is "a nuisance to the local law enforcement," he points out that it offers a variety of cultures the opportunity to get an inside look at life in the hood. 


One of the greatest challenges faced when shooting the DVD was lack of participation as a result of the buzz surrounding its prequel.  The original video received national attention, and was heavily scrutinized by Baton Rouge law enforcement agencies.  Rumors flew that participants in the first film had been arrested, but Joe Mexican addressed those fears.  "Not one person went to jail over the DVD," the director stated, adding "if anybody went to jail, it was because of things unrelated to the DVD."


The DVD is available for sale at:


Loud Pro Media Official Website:

Joe Mexican on Myspace: 

on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=629535373  



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