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New York Rapper Enemigo to Release "The Lost Demo" Mixtape

9/9/10 - news / Dos Mundo press release

New York rapper enemigo

Enemigo is a rapper with no limits, raised between Ponce, Puerto Rico and Nueva York.  Enemigo is currently promoting his new mixtape "The Lost Demo" (El Demo Perdido), containing songs recorded from 2000 to 2007. 


In addition to his first mixtape, Enemigo is also working with a new digial independent album release titled "Este Soy Yo", a pure Hip Hop album to be released soon along with a new video.


Enemigo is currently promoting three songs from Este Soy Yo, which includes "Bocon," "Cuantos" and "Latinos." 

Enemigo plans to follow up this album on his label Dos Mundo Music with a new album titled "Mi Mundo Loco," filled with girls, partying, acoustic music, lyrics and concept songs.


Not married to any one style of rhyming, Enemigo plans to keep things diverse on the new album.  Enemigo has stayed true to his sound, as well as his producers: Mighty Max, June Vortex, Big Will Rosario, and Dennis Mitchell. 


He has previously released two albums: "Quien es Enemigo" through Intelligent Music, and "Caminando" through Univision/Universal Records.  With over 50,000 albums sold, Enemigo has recorded with Wyclef Jean, Petey Pablo, Adrienne Bailon of 3LW, La Bruja, George Lamont, Bimbo, Chyno Nyno, el Meswey, Latin Empire and many others.  Stay tuned for his upcoming album release "Comercial" along with an accompanying video.


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