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Dom Pachino of the Wu's Killarmy Joint Venture Release
11/25/08 - news


rapper Dom Pachino picture

From the Slums of Shaolin to the international ones across the globe, flowing through the airwaves designating into any true being that supports that real hip hop's playlist, Dom Pachino of Killarmy Napalm Recordings has submerged from the trenches and is back at it again. This time he's dropping his first official joint venture album between Napalm Recordings and Chambermusik Records titled "Power Rulez" which will be distributed through Koch Entertainment Distribution available November 11, 2008.

Although it's his first album released through Chambermusik, Dom Pachino is no new jack to the hip hop game. During his stay in the Wu-Tang's Killarmy, the group sold over a half million records while also garnering features in two gold and one platinum record. Dom Pachino is the first member of Killarmy to pursue a solo career, creating an indie label titled Napalm Recordings.

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