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Diego And The Dissidents To Release North American Debut, Contaminated Waters, with Quite Scientific Records
9/16/10 - news / Big Hassle Media press release

Diego and the Dissidents

Anyone who has seen the recent Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop has likely heard Diego And The Dissidents... though they may not have realized it. An album that almost never saw the light of day due to a series of unfortunate events was resurrected just in time to see brilliant tracks such as "Contaminated Waters Pt. 4" and others add depth and intrigue to a film already featuring an 'against all odds' theme.

After months of studio collaboration gearing towards an eventual release Bristol UK producer Scott Hendy (also known for his work as one half of the duo Malachai [Domino]) and Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist Diego Martinez were confronted with a sudden hiccup when Martinez was forced to return to South America in 2009 to deal with an untimely string of personal affairs. Months of sporadic communication, continuing difficulties at home and ever present visa issues eventually left the two wondering if they'd ever be able to meet up in order to complete their planned album at all. Eventually the two came to the conclusion that Hendy, having all the session files in the UK and some extra time to tinker, should set upon seeing what he could do with them. And so he did...

What has emerged is a striking mix of psych/hip hop cut together to sound like an encyclopedia of contemporary music. Contaminated Waters weaves itself through various genres of music from golden era hip-hop to rock, via revered break beats, dub, and classic guitar riffs. The overall result is an intriguing musical journey, that twists and turns, when you least expect it and you could while away the hours naming the musical references.

On October 26th 2010, Contaminated Waters will see its proper release in North America via Quite Scientific records (Jack to Phono records will release in Europe). Complete with album artwork designed by Marc Beasant (Portishead, Peter Gabriel/Real World) and accompanied by a forthcoming video by Bristol based Minto Films (for the track "Contaminated Waters Pt. 3") the album is a stunning headphone-masterpiece that will engage your intellect as much as your sense of joy. While overstimulation may be a risk, Diego And The Dissidents have managed to create something worth talking about, and many already are....

Fans and intrigued gadabouts can visit  and get a free download of the track "Nerve Storm" now.

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