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Coast of Houston and the Return of Artist Expression
3/5/08 - press release

rapper Coast

Introducing an innovative artist that epitomizes Houston hip-hop's new rising force: Coast. Coast's style is a unique mixture of signature rap, blues, and pop with thoughtful word play with the proven ability to touch and appeal to a wide audience.

Coast grew up writing music on the north side of Houston, Texas. His career began under the Houston-based label, Dopehouse Records. It was there that he would form a group, Twin Beredaz, with label mate Quotakey.

As the times and climate in the music industry changed, Coast continued growing as an artist and working on fine-tuning his abilities and he adapted as his career continued progressing. After five years as a loyal Dope House artist, Coast respectfully left the label to explore the music industry as a solo artist.

Coast is currently working on his first upcoming solo project that will be backed by Grammy recognized producer/engineer Jaime "Pain" Ortiz. Coast sees this upcoming project as a great opportunity to introduce himself and his style. He wanted the project's title to describe just that. Coast titled his new project "Lively-Hood."

"Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines the word Lively-Hood as 'a means of support or subsistence.' I want the project to portray my up-bringing in my neighborhood. I want to explain the elements that make me who I am. The album is going to sound nothing like what most Houston rap albums sound like seeing as how some of the songs won't even be rap songs. A majority of the music will be thick with subject matter. I'm more focused on making an album that sounds good rather than an album that will fade out as a quick one-time cash cow" says Coast.
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