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Chino XL Signs with Machete Music
8/7/07 - news


rapper Chino XL picture

Machete Music in a collaboration with PAC Records, announced today that it has signed hip-hop sensation Chino XL. Chino XL is a music industry veteran; since he was a little boy he has been an insider, traveling with acts like Africa Bambaata and Ice-T.  In school he always performed at all the talent shows and quickly separated himself from the rest for the use of his powerful lyrics and amazing metaphors (not surprisingly, he is a member of the MENSA club!).

Soon enough, he caught the attention of Def Jam and was quickly signed to Def American Records, releasing the highly acclaimed "Here to Save you All".

The hits and albums kept coming, and during this time, Chino XL collaborated with some of the best Hip Hop interpreters of the time, basking in great success and recognition. But he soon became un-enamored with the music business and retired himself from the game.

He flawlessly made the transition into acting, appearing in shows like Reno 911!, CSI: Miami, Young and the Restless, to name a few. He also made the leap to the big screen with a role in the movie "Alex & Emma" (alongside Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson). Recently, he debuted his solo project at the Sundance Film Festival.

Music was never far from his heart, though. He continued to write until one day decided to jump back at the game; this time under his own terms. He has enough material ready to retake his position in the Hip Hop world. Sway, from MTV, has heard some of the new material and has this to say: " It immediately connected with me in a major way. The music is different, not all in one style or genre, its just good music all-around."

"Having Chino XL join the Machete Music family is a great honor and we are extremely excited about the project and the future!" states Gustavo Lopez, president of Machete Music.

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