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Cartel de Santa rapper Says Deadly Shot was a Ricochet
5/22/07 - news



el Babo Cartel de Santa

The lead singer of Mexican rap group Cartel de Santa said he accidently killed a band member during a shooting, police said.

Eduardo Davalos de Luna aka el Babo was with bandmate Ulises Nayit Buenrostro at a house in Santa Catarina, in the state of Nuevo Leon, when he reportedly learned that the group's driver, Juan Miguel Chavez, was driving to the house armed to settle a dispute with the rapper, Hollywood Reporter said Tuesday.

Police said Davalos de Luna flashed a .38 Super pistol when Chavez arrived and fired several shots, one injuring Chavez in the leg.  According to the singer's preliminary statement, another shot ricocheted off the floor, killing Nayit Buenrostro. Davalos de Luna turned himself in to authorities, said police, adding that the incident was still under investigation.




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