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Highly Anticipated New Calle 13 Album "Entren los Que Quieran" (Everybody is Welcome) Will Be Released On October 26

9/16/10 - news / Digital Girl press release


Residente of Calle 13

After challenging the authority of governments, corporations and religions in "Calma Pueblo", Calle 13 continues its role as the messengers of Latin Youth with "Vamo a Portarnos Mal" giving a lesson that to live life to the fullest, we should all experience the disorder that comes with occasionally breaking the rules of society.


"LIVE NUDE REBELS - Calle 13 Mixes Pleasure and Pain On New Album: By now, most fans of Calle 13, the irreverent urban duo from Puerto Rico, have seen the music act's video for "Calma Pueblo," in which people tear off their clothes as a sign of rebellion only to be shot down by unseen rifles.

Featuring rock group the Mars Volta, the video and song are shocking, not only for the full frontal nudity -- male and female -- but also for the relentless, aggressive beats and the lyrics, which disparage everything from lip-synching in live performances to payola to dishonest politicians... Calle 13 has perfected the art of vocal and voluble social commentary to a degree not found before in Latin music, and the duo has earned critical praise and multiple Latin Grammy Awards as a result. But the two artists aren't grim-faced ideologues -- the brothers make sure to inject humor and dance beats into their music. Those two traits come together on their new album, "Entren los Que Quieran", due October 26 on Sony Music Latin. The set mixes politics with introspection... Calle 13 [is] unorthodox, as it was with the "Calma Pueblo" song and video, which originally were released only on the group's website.

"The Web is a very heavy tool," Perez says. "I wanted to do something exclusively for the Internet. The idea was to work freely, without any self-censoring. If there was no censoring (in media), this is the video I'd make. And since I have my Web page, I put it up there, so whoever wanted to watch could come and do so." - BILLBOARD, 09/18/10

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