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Perrealo and Red Bull's Batalla de Los Gallos 2007
8/7/07 - news



Batalla de Los Gallos

The world famous Apollo Theater is so much more than a historic landmark - it is a source of pride and a symbol of the brilliance of American artistic accomplishment. With its rich history and continued significance, the Apollo Theater, considered the bastion of African-American culture and achievement, is one of the most fascinating chronicles in American history. Building on History and an American Staple of artistry, Red Bull's Batalla De Los Gallos now enters into this venue bringing a whole new art form to its historic stage.

Together with, Red Bull is once again making History by having the U.S. Finals at the famous Apollo Theater. The very first Latin Hip Hop MC Battle to ever take place at the Apollo will be held on September 23, 2007 and will bring together the winners from Los Angeles and New York for this years Finals.

8 MC's chosen from the East & West coast will represent the fiercest lyricists which are to compete at the pre-qualifiers August 26, 2007 (Los Angeles) & September 9, 2007 (New York)

The Pre-Qualifiers which will be held in both New York and Los Angeles will be taking place in August & September of this year and play a huge part in the development of this ever growing genre. MC's from all across the nation will meet to showcase their talents and prowess in the art form of lyrical battle. After two successful years of the batalla, has taken it a step forward and brought it to one of the most popular and historic stages in the United States. 2005 marked the very first ALL Spanish MC Battle to ever take place in New York and sparked an interest not only nationally but internationally, spawning other events similar in nature. In 2006 Los Angeles held its first pre-qualifier and brought Sammie Cultura to New York for the finals.

Now in 2007 with a whole new following and backing from the industry, is producing an event which will bring forth the very best the United States has to offer in Latin MC's. A genre still in its infancy, although it has been around pretty much since the inception of Hip Hop, Latin Hip Hop now has some of the hottest artists out and growing ever so popular. With Music now being played in English and Spanish & artists going back and forth between both languages, it has developed into the next popular sound. Batalla De Los Gallos has played a key part in the bringing forth of MC's performing and expressing themselves in Spanish, and takes it world wide by having qualifiers in 14 different Spanish Speaking Countries and all meeting in Venezuela for the World Championship Finals.

Registrants enter into an arena reminiscent of a cock fight to combat each other with flows and lyrics in hopes to defeat one another until the very last word. They take shots at everything from the opponent's outward appearance, to the lack of skills. These MC's which all come from diverse backgrounds and sometimes different genres all have one thing in common, their love for Hip Hop and the fire to win and become number 1. This event has come to become one which no one in the Latin Hip Hop Community wants to miss and all want to be a part of, having already given birth to drama and underground notoriety for rappers!


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