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Aristadoe Releases "All Jokes Aside" Mixtape
11/16/10 - news


Aristadoe mixtape

Dominican rapper Aristadoe has released his heavily-anticipated mixtape "All Jokes Aside."  Born Robert Soto Jr., Aristadoe titled the 15-track album after his desire to show fans that game time is over in the rap industry.


Raised in New York City's Washington Heights neighborhood, Aristadoe uses the language of music to express his creative urges.


The Dominicano earned a name in the New York hip hop scene for an unpredictable style that ranges from bare-bones simple to lyrically complex.  With a flow that serves as a welcome throwback to MCs such as Rakim, Aristadoe combines his imagination with gritty experiences of street life.

With his 2010 mixtape "All Jokes Aside," Aristadoe serves up a cataclysmic barrage of compelling rhymes.  Tracks such as "Top Notch" are among many where the East Coast artist delivers exceptional wordplay over grimy vintage beats.  The mixtape also features a variety of guest appearances including Born Wise (Ripp it), Knowideas, and Loka.

Aristadoe's new full "All Jokes Aside" Mix-tape " is available for sale online at and iTunes. Click on the link below for more info:


Aristadoe on Myspace: Myspace:

Aristadoe on Youtube: 



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