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NYC Rapper Nani Castle Premieres Debut Mixtape The Amethyst Tape on Discobelle

February 19, 2015 at 4:37 AM ET - / Conrazón


"Come inside and feel me deep within, come into my dungeon, I want to show you something!" Daughter to a Chilean exile and Irish American urban renewalist, Nani Castle aka Emiliana Castillo is a Bronx-born, Staten Island-raised vanguard artist. Her long awaited mixtape The Amethyst Tape, was produced, mixed and mastered by fellow Staten Island producer and creative partner, Udachi.

Castle's sound weaves an eclectic blanket of raw lyrics which manages to simultaneously celebrate femininity in a way not heard in hip-hop since Foxy Brown. Proclaimed as one of the "Top Five Underground Artists" by NYC party promoter legend Contessa Stuto, Nani Castle is New York City's best kept secret.

"Over crisp beats and dance-worthy rhythms, Castle raps about breaking rules and making art from her home base of Stapleton in Staten Island. Castle celebrates the cultural diversity she's come to appreciate there, as well as some of the tensions she's observed. 'This is a time when issues are coming up here and people outside the island are looking at us now with what happened with Eric Garner. I felt like this was the time to get involved and do things that are positive and progressive and good for the community'," said Castle to the Staten Island Advance recently in promotion of a homecoming show at Staten Island party, ISLA, earlier this month.

With a BA in Visual Arts from SUNY Purchase, her political activism which was passed down by her father and a strong classical dance background have evolved into a deep-voiced super-heroine character which fearlessly tackles risky themes and delivers immaculate visual storytelling.

Castle has performed at venues ranging from Santos Party House to Googa Mooga Festival in Brooklyn and Bonnaroo in Tennessee. As a member of Full Service - a Brooklyn-based collective of DJ's and performers - the crew throws some of the sweatiest electronic music dance parties in NYC.

Dubbed the "Frida Kahlo & Zach de la Rocha of the rap game" by friend and musical partner NIRE, stay tuned for their powerful musical collaboration set to drop this summer. Also look out for features by Castle on NIRE's much anticipated debut album set to release this year on Nature Sounds, with features from Gnucci, Jasmine Solano, Blake Pearlman and Maluca Mala. The first single, Commi Mommies, is set to drop this spring with a controversial video directed by LIL INTERNET. 2015 promises to be the breakout year for this cut-throat jewel, Nani Castle.

Official Mixtape Download Link:

Tracklisting and Producers:

1. Purple Life Intro - [Prince Beat]
2. Crushed Velvet Remix - [Prod by Udachi]
3. Pink Gold - [Old English Beat. Prod by Salva and Nick Hook]
4. Lift the Veil ft. Nire - [Prod by Udachi]
5. Ms Blaze feat Sinywok - [Beat Prod by The Alchemist]
6. Looking for [Beat Prod by CFCF]
7. Faruza ft Nire [Prod by Udachi]
8. Tread Lightly [Prod by Udachi]
9. Toto [Prod by Udachi]
10. Peach Brown [Beat Prod by Maker]
11. Allusive [Beat Prod by Jake One]
12. Intro [Beat Prod by Kruder and Dorfmeister]
13. Lie That I Believed - [Beat Prod by Koreless]
14. To the People - [Beat Prod by Modeselektor]

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New York rapper Nani Castle


Nani Castle the Amethyst Tape


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