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Vallejo Rapper Releases New Album After Two Year Prison Bid

March 25, 2013 at 11:00 PM ET - (words by Dante)



Fresh off a two-year prison bid, Texas by way of California rapper and former Funky Aztecs member Merc100Man has released a new album which reflects his new lease on life. "Young, Fly, and Self-Employed" is a 16-track LP released January 15, 2013, and features a variety of established guest Hip Hop artists and producers.


The new album includes beats by producers such as Happy Perez, Z-Will, Tony Staxx and Hitman Cortez. Notable guest features on the LP include fellow Vallejo, California native Baby Bash, as well as Big Gemini, Javi Picazo, J-Minixx, H2 and Yung Ro.


"This album is like having a big bowl of menudo, little bit of everything" the veteran artist explained to "Got that thug shit, those club bangers, songs for your trunk, tracks for the strippers, and some songs for people to stop and think about."


In addition to promoting his new album with live performances, Merc100Man has also recently released a video of his single "On the Go" featuring Dallas rapper Yung Ro. 


"Young, Fly, and Self-Employed" is the first full-length album to be released by 5-Star G Entertainment, the record label created in 2010 by Merc100Man as he began serving a prison sentence for marijuana possession at TDCJ Smith Unit in Lamesa, Texas.  The Vallejo, California native was released from prison after two years, and immediately returned to recording music in Dallas, the city he presently calls home while on parole.


Merc100Man, formerly known as Merciless, took on a new stage name as part of his musical evolution. "I have always been called Merc since I was a kid, it's just a new path, a new beginning for me" the MC explained, adding "Plus I always keep it 100, man."


The Left Coast artist originally rapped under the name Merciless as part of the California rap trio Funky Aztecs. The group released several albums from 1992 until 2000, as well as the popular 1995 track "Slipping Into Darkness" featuring Tupac Shakur.  Although he now performs as a solo artist, Merc100Man continues to collaborate with former members of the group, which include his brother "Indio" and cousin "Sapo."


"Young, Fly & Self Employed" is currently available for purchase through iTunes.  Merc100Man is presently in the process of recording for his next album, as well as making plans for additional music videos this year.



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