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MC Ceja Speaks About His Involvement in "A Lo Under"

July 28, 2012 at 10:20 PM ET - English Translation by


MC Ceja

Last Tuesday July 17 2012, the veteran producer known as Nico Canada, supported by Elías de León (White Lion), released Volume 1 and 2 of the eagerly awaited production, "A Lo Under." On the album comes out urban artists such as Tito El Bambino, Cosculluela, Alexis y Fido, Yomo, Jowell y Randy, Frankie Boy, Wiso G, JKing y Maximan, Guelo Star, Falo, among others.

There were also rappers MC Ceja, Mexicano 777 Cabalucci and on "A Lo Under."

"I am proud to be part of this great project and more as my track with Mexicano and Caba is the only rap that comes in two volumes and has been welcomed by the public. It's definitely a meetup for history," said MC Ceja.

"A Lo Under" brings the essence of "Underground" music absorbing many of the exponents that appear in the production made during the '90s. At that time, MC Ceja belonged to the famous group known as "La Industria" under the tutelage of DJ Eric, and ironically had lyrical war against artists such as Cabalucci and Baby Rasta, among others.

"In my verse from Somos Under I make a reference to the tiraera that I had against Rasta for those times when The Noise beefed with La Industria, but today we've put our differences aside and have collaborated on songs like Hablaron de Mi Remix" said Ceja.

"A Lo Under" has become a big hit just one week after leaving the market. The album is available in record stores, at Total convenience stations in Puerto Rico, and worldwide through iTunes.

"I hope that fans of our genre support the original product. In this case we must fight piracy for the survival of our music. We founded this genre when there was no internet, and we sold thousands of copies. We must bring this custom forward" said Ceja.

MC Ceja he is about to launch his sixth solo production entitled "Como Antes," which will be available worldwide in late August.



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