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Machete Music Shines at Premios Juventud
8/6/07 - news

Machete Music continues to provide unforgettable and mind-blowing performances at this year's Premios Juventud, held at the Bank United Center in Miami last night.

The purple carpet rocked with the catchy sounds of West Coast rapper Down aka Kilo, who performed his hit "Lean Like a Cholo", and for the first time, and as a special performance for PJ, he did it in Spanish! Fans couldn't contain their excitement wearing "cholo" masks as three low riders bicycles and tricycles cruised around the stage.

Once the show began, it took on a whole new level when Hector "El Father", joined by Toby Love and Victor Manuel, took the stage to perform the hit "Sola". With a massive pyrotechnic display and female dancers resembling something like hourglass figurines, the four minute long performance ended with a bang as the three men performed bits a pieces of the songs showcasing their own genres until finally they got together to finish it reggaetón-style!

But the highlight of the night came with the surprise performance by Don Omar and Wisin y Yandel. Together for the first time in many years, and as if coming out of a sci-fi movie, the three reggaeton greats stepped out of the science lab where the "perfect combination had finally been accomplished". The two-song medley began with the hit "MySpace", but with a twist as it was called "Mi Pagina". As if on cue, at the sound of the alarm, Don Omar and Wisin y Yandel ran over to the other side of the stage where they were greeted by a full salsa band. "Nadie Como Tu", in its new reincarnation as a salsa song, put the icing on the cake of what is, undeniably, going to become a legendary performance.

Machete Music took home 3 awards in the following categories:

"The perfect combination" for Noche de Entierro
(Luny Tunes/Wisin Y Yandel/Hector "El Father"/Tony Tun Tun)

"The Catchiest Tune" for Pegao
(Wisin Y Yandel)

"Favorite Video" for Noche de Entierro
(Luny Tunes/Wisin Y Yandel/Hector "El Father"/Tony Tun Tun)

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