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New York Rapper LEX Releases Domingo-Produced Track "Hip Hop Alphabet" From Upcoming Album

December 28, 2012 at 11:10 AM ET -


Lex Hip Hop Alphabet

New York rapper LEX caters to Hip Hop diehards by releasing the Domingo-produced track "Hip Hop Alphabet," lead single for his upcoming album H.A.S.H?!. 


The Nuyorican MC has poured nearly a dozen years of music recording and performance experience into an album meant as an embrace of Hip Hop's origins.


The new track is a play on the names of various rappers, and was inspired by Lex's opportunity to work established beatsmith Domingo Padilla. Lex considers "Hip Hop Alphabet" a nod to artists that were influential in his love for the genre, and created a song with a previously unused concept.


Lex was able to connect with Domingo by contacting him online, after having heard new beats by the Hip Hop producer.  After some back and forth communication, the artist formerly known as Lexicon was able to secure the beat to be used for his new track. "Dude was very down to earth and reasonable," Lex stated to, describing the New York beatmaker responsible for his single. "I am grateful to this day for the opportunity to put my words over his music."


Hip Hop Alphabet is the lead single for H.A.S.H?!, a 15-track effort slated for release in early 2013. The album title is an acronym for "How About Some Hardcore", a play on the name of the popular 1994 single by rap group M.O.P..  The titled of the album was also a reflection on the positive feedback the Queens, New York artist received for what he describes as "in your face" music. H.A.S.H?!, however, does not entirely cater to that particular fanbase.


Lex described the new album as music for Hip Hop purists, with lyrics that originate in life's struggles. "It's an aspect of Hip Hop that has unfortunately been set aside in the mainstream, and replaced with the glorification of pure bullshit" the rapper explained.  The artist considers this new album as a gift for hardcore Hip Hop heads, and his personal return of rap music to its essence.


In addition to Domingo, other producers on the album will include taeOne of New York Rhyme Exchange, N1 Illa, LR Hook, DJ Soulclap, Keelay of the Sole Vibe, Lyve of Tha Goodness, SEASRA23, and Psycho Les of The Beatnuts fame.


H.A.S.H?! will be released under Lex's own label imprint, Minority Rules Entertainment.  The album will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.


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