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South Psycho Cide Records

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Label: South Psycho Cide

Location: San Diego, CA

Artists: Mr.Coox, Sir.Booz, Mr.Heat & Big Yikes

Welcome to their world...welcome to their life...welcome to the South Psycho Cide. Rising from the Southern California streets of San Diego, this all original West Coast flow is changing the game of hip hop and at the same time is taking rap music to a whole new level. After many years of learning and preparing to hit the streets with a good business sense, this skillful arsenal is the first of its' kind to hit the world by storm.


Dedicated and determined in taking the San Diego hip hop scene to levels never reached, this independent unpolished diamond is a lyrical time bomb ticking ready to explode! With thousands of hits per month on their official site and a strong do it yourself street marketing attitude, they take it far beyond underground and are ready to erupt. South Psycho Cide hits you upside your head with an all original universal flow that appeals to all audiences world wide. Guaranteed to makes its' mark and get full respect from the industries finest, South Psycho Cide brings nothing but heat to the table in the new millennium.


As they set a foundation and create a following, their name alone and image they portray has audiences curiously awaiting their message. On a path to success they persistently market and take advantage of all opportunities with a desire an edge over any competition which sets them in a category of their own. Introducing Mr.Coox, Sir.Booz, Mr.Heat and Big Yikes, these street wise G's target whack Mc's with verbal heat.


Living life day by day and telling it like it is, their gritty dark street mentality represents the everyday struggle and tells their story from a Southern California West Coast point of view like never before. From a mix of high energetic heart pounding wicked beats, to laid back tracks that will ease your mind....the South Psycho Cide capitalizes on the opportunity to flip any mood and lace lyrical gems.


With production compared to and equally at arms length with some of the West Coasts' finest hip hop veterans, it's only a matter of time before they expand their horizons and succeed in starting a new West Coast dynasty of skills. With or without you, their headed down a path of success. It's now in your hands and you are in the position to change the game of hip hop, the question is...Are you ready? No Color...No Race...Just Skillz! Love it or hate still can't fade it. Welcome to the new era...

Releases: "Back To Da Streets" 2001-2002 debut release nominated for Best Hip Hop/Rap Album of The Year at San Diego Music Awards 2002. "Welcome To Reality" indpenedent release in San Diego August 2003 voted Best Hip Hop San Diego Music Awards 2003.




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