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Riot Life Records

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Label: Riot Life

Location: Bronx, New York

Artists: Groups Tha Riot (Killa Kas & One Joe aka Joey Rock), Malave Brothers, and solo artists Hitman, C4, Grimey

Riot Life is a Bronx, NY latin owned, independent Hip Hop record label bringing fire to streets. Riot Life Entertainment is the legacy of the Bronx street legend, the original Mr Gunz. Mr Gunz (R.I.P) gave his life to the game but his lyrical fury lives on through Riot Life artists Killa Kas, One Joe, Hitman D, C4, Grimey and the latest addition, the Malave Brothers.

Using the Bronx streets as the backdrop, Tha Riot (Killa Kas/One Joe) bring you "R.I.O.T - Revolutions In Our Time". R.I.O.T is the medicine the Hip Hop world has needed for some time now. Contributions by Riot Life artists C4, Hitman D and Grimey complete the 360 degree revolution this album brings. R.I.O.T is for those who want to feel what the BX streets are about. Tha Riot and Riot Life have been featured in magazines such as The Source, FEDS as well as television shows like The Roof on Mun2. To find out what Riot Life is about, visit the website - You can see the video for the first single "We Riot" as well as pick up the album. Riot for Life. Riot Back!




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