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Undefined Records

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Label: Undefined Records


Location: Espanola, New Mexico

Artists: Nemesis, Candi Girl, Zig-Zag, Explicit, Sino, Cascade, Benz, Brown Pride Soulger, Prick Lunatic, D-Eazy, J-Dirty, Mr. Phew

Undefined Records first started in Nov. 2002, with a total of three members and grew to a total of twelve members. We record in a few studios to get that flavor in everyone's heads. With underground hip hop growing fast Undefined Records thought they would add some New Mexican flavor to their tracks to get those hot sounds everyone likes.


With the completion of our first album, "Tha Undefined Family" is due out in 2004. You know us cats aren't going to stop here! We opened up for some of todays hottest artists like Lil Rob, NB Ridaz, Gemini, Frost, N2DEEP, B12, Mr. Noze and plan to do a lot more in the future. We just want to give thanks to our families, Sponsors and our fanz tha most!




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