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Upstairs Records

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Label: Upstairs Records

Location: Houston, Texas

Artists: Lil Rob, NB Ridaz, Papa Reu, Angelina, Spanish Fly, Tha Mobb, NBK


In 1987 Upstairs Records, Inc opened its doors as a local retail music shop in San Jose, California. Within two years, the store became popular and very profitable. This was an opportunity to expand and become larger. In 1989 Upstairs Records, Inc established itself as an official records label and an artist management company.

A Dance/Freestyle act named Daise became the first artist signed to Upstairs Records. The popularity of Daise and strategic marketing by Upstairs Records gave them a great reputation as a fast growing and strong company in a very tough industry. The Latin/Hispanic market was also a rapidly growing market that Upstairs Records was very interested in targeting. Upstairs Records has been able to cover many types of music styles and fads. With Strong Dance/Freestyle acts like Daise, Spanish Fly and Angelina to unique R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap artist like NB Ridaz and Lil Rob, Upstairs Records has the music industry conquered. With many loyal fans, Upstairs Records has become a very strong Latin/Hispanic independent company. The targeting of the Latin/Hispanic market has become a unique specialty that Upstairs Records has been able to successfully attain.

Upstairs Records has accomplished many goals and has become a firm independent label that is strong enough to work with the majors. With thanks to all of the fans and hard work, Upstairs Records has been able to reach a great level and accomplish many goals in the industry. There are many more goals planned for the future and development of the company. Upstairs Records is in a constant transition growing towards the next level. Upstairs Records, Inc has had a successful and fun journey in the music business and will continue to proceed in achieving universal goals.





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