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Mysterio Records

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Label: Mysterio Records

Location: Washington D.C.

Artists: IronMan, Skorpio, N-Ferno and Fantazma

Straight from DC come this lethal Latin warriors who are making a name for themselves as the soldiers of Latin hip hop. They are an empire of Latin rappers and they are stunning people with their original style. They are called “El Imperio” which means The Empire, and their style is a mix of hip hop with central and south American Latin flavor that just gives people a feel of something new in this market of Latin hip hop. Listen to the incredible music that El Imperio delivers and you will become a believer of the power behind these lyrical warriors.

El Imperio is made up of four young Latin rappers, an excellent unification of three Salvadorans and a Colombian who grew up in the tough streets of DC. They go by the names : IronMan, Skorpio, N-Ferno and Fantazma. IronMan and Skorpio formed this empire in 1994, they both began doing shows in Latin festivals and night clubs. Their songs are based on street reality and difficult situations that Latin immigrants go thru here in the U.S. They recorded their first demo in 1997 which consisted of two songs which were mainly used for promotional purposes and the difficult struggle to be recognized by many professional record labels in the music industry.

In 1996, two other elements joined this empire to become stronger (N-Ferno and Fantazma). A second album was recorded in 2000 but the songs contained profanity which kept it from getting any radio airplay and kept this project with a limited promotion plan. Now in their third album, after many years of hard battles and training “El Imperio” is ready to deliver Latin hip hop to all areas that have been craving for a style with such Spanish rhythm and lyrics. Get ready and shine your lyrical swords because the imperial attack is coming thru on this mission to push Latin hip hop to the fullest. .




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