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Affilliated Records

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Label: Affilliated

Location: NY, NJ, MD, DC, VA, ATL, Puerto Rico

Artists: Geolani, Coca-ina, Montega, Ransom Rellic, Symantyx, Brixx, Kastro, and R&B Singer Delilah aka Lady Lani.

Affilliated the Label delivers crack in all forms. Whether your taste in Hip Hop music is Hardcore Rap to R&B Hip Hop, this team's lineup is crazy and about to hit the streets like a new drug. Leading the Pack is CEO of the Label, Geolani with his smooth voice and commercial sound. Next, Montega brings fear into MCs eyes with his cocky lyrics and dominating voice. While Coca-ina (feat. Artist of the month) shuts down any female MC in her path making her the next hottest commodity.

Three powerhouse Latinos ready to explode into the rap game but we can't deny the rest of the labels strengths. Ransom Rellic, CO-President of Affilliated, is from D.C. reeking havoc with his rapid fire flows while offering a subtle taste of the Chocolate City. Brixx with his distinctive voice brings massive energy onto any track as Symantyx sets it on anyone who comes at her, male or female, holding it down in Baltimore, MD. Kastro is in Puerto Rico blazing his way to the top of the Reggaeton/Spanish Rap scene as a new artist signed to Tego's label "White Lion".

With all these different rhyme skills, Affilliated is definitely one of the most versatile independent labels coming out this year. Whether you crave a party joint or something to just get your blood rushing, this team got the formula right. Now a label wouldn't be complete without their R&B songbird. Affilliated definitely hit a home run with Delilah, aka Lady Lani. This Boriqua Songstress is definitely someone to watch. Hot Like Fire!!




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