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Dope Cut Productions

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Label: Dope Cut Productions

Artists: G-Heff, Rated R, Sloppy Sam, Koncept.

Location: Daly City, California

We just dropped our first album, called G-Heff, Love to be Hated.

The album features some of the Bay Area's top hitters like San Quinn the Jacka from Mob Figaz and more, 18 songs, back to back rumbles. Dope Cut is run by G-Heff himself, a Mexican and Italian rapper who has been at this music for about 10 years in the underground.

The label also carries artists like Rated R, who is one of the tightest raw rappers heard in a long time, he also does most of the production on the album. When people hear his music, get ready, the boy is taking over. We have the Empire Group which features four Latinos: G-Heff, Rated R, Sloppy Sam and Koncept. Dope Cut's next project dropping at the end of the year will be an album called The Throwback, which features the label's whole lineup, produced by Rated R. Be sure to get your copy of the G-Heff album, nothing but bangers




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