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Unforgotten Records

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Label: Unforgotten Records


Location: Denver, Colorado

Artists: Frog, Glock 9, J Rocc, YLP, FooMan, Exxis

Unforgotten has grown from a 'local' record label, to a corporation with multiple organizations, offering a full production recording studio, industry standard production, CD replication and print services, promotion and marketing services, industry standard graphic services, and of course, releasing Game like the CD in your deck. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. This mentality has fueled the management team behind Unforgotten Records to become the only 100% self sufficient record label that does everything in house. Our knowledge and expertise of the independent rap hustle is shared with any talented groups that want to collaborate. Not greedy, not selfish, Unforgotten is representing for The Mile High, and supports all artists down for the same. Together, and with our fans - we will make this happen. Soon enough, Denver will be the home of Platinum Rap Artists and Platinum Producers.

Unforgotten Records is one of the fastest growing Independent Record labels in the Southwest. Unforgotten Records, est. 1996, has released 8 CDs and has assisted in the release of numerous others. Our mission is to infest the streets with bangin' projects, by any means. Fortunately, you have caught us in our prime; pouring blood, sweat, and tears tryin' to dismantle the record business with underground hits. Unforgotten only drops full length albums with hand picked tracks, never a filler track, something you can bump from start to finish. Originating from the Unforgotten Records Studio, StreetNoize Beats has taken the Underground by storm with un-rivaled production and recording.

StreetNoize Productions is the umbrella from which other labels and Unforgotten Records are teaming up to bring you projects guaranteed to hit hard yet all down with the same family. StreetNoize now includes over 10 hustlin record labels!!

Unforgotten artists have opened up for big names like the Westside Connection, SPM, Baby Bash, Lighter Shade of Brown, Mystikal, E-40, and other notables.




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