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Urban Kings Entertainment

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Label: Urban Kings Entertainment

Location: California

Artists: Los Reyes Urbanos, Mal Hablado, Ms. Krazie, La Sinfonia, Mr. Vic, Don Abusivo


Our primary vision is to bring the underground Latin hip hop to the mainstream market by using mature music with strong artists though integrating today's new breed of Latin Hip Hop. Today very few major record labels and distribution companies have embraced the new Latin Hip Hop / Rap movement and as a result the majority of artist need to sell their music at a street level either at swap meets, concerts, venues, and literally on the streets. The demand for this new genre of music is huge and is being purchased by the Diverse Youth. Our efforts are to expand this market and make the "Latin Hip Hop" market emerge and grow bigger and better than ever featuring today's hottest independent artist and producers integrated with commercialized songs.

Urban Kings is a Unique company dedicated to providing the latest and most innovative music hitting the trends and fourth setting the upcoming market. Originally formed in 2000 as a mini distribution working with the un-tapped artist and selling to the gray scale market that cater to the second and third generation Latino market. We have a strong connection to the underground markert and very extensive clientel. We have expanded our repertoire to include Events Productoin, as well as Youth Marketing, Distribution, Management, and street Promotion for all aspects of the Entertainment industry. Whether it be Fashion, Film, TV, Music, Interactive or Corporate, our innovative skills and techniques has made it possible to find and break new markets such as Germany, France, Japan, and key Markets like New York, Chicago, and Miami etc. The link to the street has helped us grow to another level.




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